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categories. Also called Guggenheim. (used with a singular verb) a game in which a key word and a list of categories, as dogs, automobiles, or rivers, are selected, and in which each player writes down a word in each category that begins with each of the letters of the key word, the player writing down the most words within a time limit being.
David Herbert Lawrence was an English novelist, poet, playwright and literary critic, one of the key writers of the early twentieth century, most famous for his criticism of rationalism and industrialization. "The Lost Girl" is a novel, first published in 1920 and awarded with James Tait Black Memorial Prize in the fiction category. It tells the story of Alvina Houghton and her father James Houghton who, in an attempt to keep his business afloat, buys a theater and hires actors. Alvina falls in love with one of them and flies with him to Naples, leaving all her former life.

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